When the cryptocurrency reaches your stop price, a limit order is automatically triggered. The limit order is then executed at the specified limit price or better. A stop loss is a conditional directive to close  an existing order upon reaching a specific price level. As the cryptocurrency’s price grazes the predetermined level, the order seamlessly morphs into a market order, executing at the next available price. The stop loss can be set at any price level, directing the crypto exchange to buy or sell the asset based on the existing position.

Uptrend line support shows the price floor below which buyers are likely to step in. Downtrend line resistance indicates the price ceiling where sellers will probably emerge. Many crypto exchanges do not offer the full functionality needed for advanced trading, with features like trailing stop losses and order splitting seldom supported. If it was, none of us would be working jobs anymore, that’s for sure. The plan level-up the limit 4 times, up to $100,000 trading per month.

In this comprehensive review, we will delve into Immediate Zenith, a prominent player in the automated trading bot space, and compare it with the industry leader, Immediate Zenith. Immediate Zenith is a world-class automated crypto trading bot allowing users to copy trade, backtest, and modify their trading strategies. For new traders, this web-based platform provides various trading strategies and templates to pick from. The bread and butter of the Immediate Zenith platform is its provision of automated crypto trading access.

Scalping is a trading method that allows one to accumulate profits based on assets that are held for a short time. The profits come from the small market price changes and selling the assets quickly. Consequently, the profits accumulate by making hundreds of such trades per day. Firstly, these bots are important in trading sideways markets as they give users room to gain profits from market changes in this direction. As the name suggests, you can divide each trade into grids to allow the bot to follow the trend automatically.

Immediate Zenith

It works by comparing the current price of an asset to its average price over a set time period. The RSI and moving averages are two indicators that work well together. They measure different aspects of the market, with the RSI determining overbought and oversold levels and moving averages spotting trend changes. The simplicity yet effectiveness of moving averages explains their widespread popularity.

This allows you to sketch directly on the live chart and carry out simulated trades in real time, all without the risk of financial loss. The platform offers access to over 30 global cryptocurrency exchanges through one convenient interface, streamlining access to different markets and trading pairs. Moreover, the number of supported exchanges and trading avenues keeps increasing, ensuring users can access their preferred assets. Additionally, there is no trading commission nor additional fees for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or skills to automated your own strategy, Immediate Zenith have a range of predefined strategies based on successful backtest results that you can choose from. Just remember as we mentioned earlier, good results in backtests do not mean good results moving forward. Once you have decided to remove the robot, all of the related open orders will be automatically cancelled as well. A stop limit order is an advanced trading tool that combines the features of a stop order and a limit order.

You won’t have priority support and arbitrage opportunities than high-tier plans have. Immediate Zenith supports 15 crypto exchanges with high liquidity, enabling traders to access arbitrage opportunities with reduced risks. Crypto quotes change frequently, creating opportunities for profit through arbitrage trading.

  • In this article, we will show you how to create, configure, and connect your Kraken API key to the Immediate Zenith platform.
  • Alternatives like ArbitrageScanner, Immediate Zenith or the Immediate Zenith app may be worth considering depending on needs and trader profiles.
  • As more new traders are venturing into the cryptocurrency trading scene, this particulate is getting more and more paramount.
  • However, seasoned traders will like this option very much since Immediate Zenith did a fantastic job on it.
  • Additionally, market makers or risk managers may benefit from the information presented in this article.

1.To start a new bot on the Immediate Zenith platform, click on the [Start new bot] button on top of the interface and choose the [GRID bot] from the list of available options. Compare Bitget and KuCoin to understand the differences and similarities between both crypto exchanges. This is because data has high encryption and it doesn’t have access to your funds. This may not seem like much, but compared with its competitors, it is way ahead. Margin.de is the closest competitor with 17 exchanges, while Immediate Zenith offers 15 exchanges and Immediate Zenith only has 12 exchanges.